lodge l8ic3 cast iron lid

Lodge L8IC3 Cast Iron Lid Review

The Lodge L8IC3 cast iron lid is the perfect mate to the Lodge L8SK3 cast iron skillet. I really don’t know why a lid does not come with the skillet, but oh well, that is the way it is!?

Taking a look at Amazon, this cast iron lid has over 300 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Not bad!

Lodge L8IC3 cast iron lid

Product Quality And Features

While not specifically mentioned in the Lodge product catalog, the lid is pre-seasoned and ready for use, — after a quick wash under some hot water that is! Of course, it needs to be dried after washing and given a light coating of cooking oil, — just enough to make it shiny, you know, you don’t want to create a sticky slippery mess.

This lid provides a tight fit to Lodge L8SK3 cast iron skillet and helps keeps your food moist and flavorful, — it is what cast iron does!

This cast iron lid also has what is known as “self-basting tips or spikes.” The idea is that as your food cooks, the moisture will condense on the lid and drip down those spikes back onto your food again, — again, helping everything to stay moist and not dry out.

It runs for a bit less than $18.00 on Amazon with free shipping for Prime members. So consider adding this item to your collection if you don’t already own one or have been borrowing your Lodge L8D03 5 quart dutch oven lid, it fits also.

The Day-To-Day

With all of the hot moisture condensing on the self-basting spikes, you will need to make sure that lid is dry and has that light coat of cooking oil.

In my own use I find the Lodge L8IC3 cast iron lid to be very low maintenance. After I pull the hot lid off the skillet when I am finishing up the cook, — I just turn it over and place it on the counter, spikes up. It will be dry by cleanup time. Then just give it that light coat of cooking oil.

When storing away that cast iron lid, I just set it away on top of my skillet. Some folks recommend wedging something in between the lid and the skillet for air circulation and to help prevent moisture from becoming trapped inside.

Amazon provides some specifications. My out of the box specifications have more of what you want to know.

My Out Of The Box, As-Is Specifications

– Weight: 4 pounds 5 ounces
– Edge to edge width: 10 1/2 inches
– Lip to lip width: 9 7/8 inches
– Lid height: 2 1/4 inches
– Manufactured: South Pittsburg, Tennessee, U.S.A.


I am not sure there are any downsides to the Lodge L8IC3 cast iron lid, other than one should come with the skillet.

Some folks say that the lid is a bit on the heavy side. Yep, a big chunk o’ iron is going to be heavy. After all, don’t we all love our cast iron cookware for its versatility and durability?

Oh yes, as with anything cast iron, it does get hot though, just like the matching skillet, so use that oven mitt.

So, make sure you do your cast iron cookware homework! Learn how to cook in it, learn how to clean it, and learn about seasoning it, and you to will become a cast iron addict!

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