Cast Iron Cookware

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The popularity of cast iron cookware continues to grow. This is no longer your Grandma’s cookware, unless you’re lucky enough to own your Grandma’s cookware! Today folks better understand what they are eating and cooking and want to minimize any exposure to things like Teflon.

But, what is not love about the durability and the versatility of using cast iron? You can take it from stovetop to the oven or from the campfire or the fire pit directly to the table. Try doing that with those high-tech coated pots and pans of today!

As a testament to the long lasting durability, there is plenty of cast iron cookware from the 1800’s still floating around.

Besides, food cooked on cast iron just tastes better!

With proper care, your cast iron will pretty much last forever. Your great-grandchildren will probably be able to pass it along to their great-grandchildren! I can’t think of any other product you can say the same thing about.

If you’re lucky enough to have some cast iron cookware passed down to you, take a moment to consider all of those meals that were made and the family heritage behind those cast iron pieces! No family heirlooms have made that journey in to my own kitchen. However, the well cared for items that I have purchased or rediscovered from someone else’s kitchen, will make that journey!

Why Cast Iron?

That favorite “nonstick” Teflon pan your neighbor or spouse uses will just be tossed in the trash after a few too many scratches. It just can’t stand up to those “rigors” of normal everyday cooking. Good riddance I say, who needs that!

Speaking of “nonstick,” we have all heard about cast iron cookware and a nonstick surface, yes it is true! Here I will share those secret on how to season cast iron with you here on this site. Yes, it is possible to get a natural nonstick easy release surface, --with no Teflon involved!

Cast Iron Cookware Benefits

Okay, we all need hobbies. I am always on the lookout for some vintage cast iron cookware.

Your cast iron cookware is known for its even heating, no cold spots, not even on that electric stovetop! So that even heating means even cooking.

Cast iron also retains heat for a long time! Yes, this is a benefit. You can keep that stove temperature a bit lower. Though cooking over a campfire or on a grill is a bit more of a challenge, but something you can easily master with a bit of practice.

Clean up is really no different than the other pans you might be used to. I will share my easy cast iron cleanup secrets with you and keep everything looking good for years to come.

On The Flip Side…

Cast iron will get hot, it can get very hot! So you will need something to move or carry it. I have a pair of heavy leather gloves to make that trek from the backyard grill into the house. An oven mitt will work fine for shifting things around on the stove.

Since your cast iron retains heat for a good long time it will take a bit of time for that skillet or pan to cool off. Just use that oven mitt if you’re unsure.

Yes, my treasured cast iron cookware can be a tad bit heavy. Especially when getting a hot dutch oven full of beans off of the grill and back into the kitchen. Those oven mitts make the job more manageable.

Check Back Often

Check back often, you just might find a new favorite recipe, or something tasty that might inspire your own creation.

My thoughts are that cooking in cast iron is part art and part science, well, maybe a bit more art than science. After all, cooking with your cast iron outdoors on your grill in the dead of winter is way different than grilling during one of those 100 degree days! Yet, everything still manages to come out tasty, delicious, and worth the effort involved!

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